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Karasu Designs is a ‘done for you’ WordPress Web Development company in Sydney.
We build kick-ass WordPress websites so you can update content, scale easily.

It's free =)

 Why WordPress Web Development?


WordPress is powering over 42.1% of the world’s websites. Sony, Walt Disney, MTV, BBC, Mercedes Benz, even the White House is using WordPress. Why aren’t you using it?

Have full control


Cheap website builders are restricting and look generic. Why? Your competitors and many other businesses are probably using the same template. WordPress web development allows your website to grow with your business needs at will backed by massive community. Gain full control to configure a fast, secure, safe website that is easy to edit, scale and SEO friendly.


WordPress Web Development sorted, what’s next?


Next is AUTOMATE: Website Care. Unlock your website’s or software’s true potential.
Attract, Automate, Accelerate your business with confidence. Reduce overwhelm & stress less.


Check where your business website stands. Find out what needs fixing in multiple categories in priority of urgency. We’ll devise a  strategy and roadmap how to execute it.


Build the foundations to transform your website into a marketing machine. Combine great content organisation flow with unique visual appeal that remains unforgettable, we’re onto a winner. Then, it’s just a matter of translating those designs into code to have your new website developed. Attract awareness on autopilot.


Set & forget as much as you can. Automate processes to stress less and free up your time to do what you love.


Reach out to more people efficiently and effectively to create great impact. If you succeed, so does our community. Accelerate growth, authority, online visibility.


WordPress Web Development FAQs

1. What is a CMS?

CMS stands for a content management system, and that’s software in the backend of your website that helps you write, manage, and change the content and appearance of your website. Basically, it helps you build your website without needing to know how to code. 

2. Is WordPress easy to edit, or will I need to constantly rely on you for everything?

Yes. If you’ve used Microsoft Word, then WordPress shouldn’t be too much more complicated for you. 

3. Do you only build sites using WordPress?

Yes. We specialise in WordPress Web Development in Sydney and feel like this platform provides our customers with the best experience and performance. 

4. What do you mean by full control of my website?

Exactly that. You get complete control and ownership of your website. Some website builder platforms own your website and rent it out to you by the month. If you stop paying, you lose your website. When we develop a website for you, it’s yours. 

5. With so many strangers developing for WordPress, is it really safe?

Yes. The WordPress community is extensive, and we use plugins and extensions from trusted sites and do extra checks ourselves to ensure your site is safe and secure. 

6. Will WordPress really help me improve my SEO results?

Yes. WordPress is built from the ground up to deliver SEO results. SEO is a core foundation of the WordPress platform and a bit reason we love it so much. 

7. Are WordPress sites mobile friendly?

Yes. We can build your website to be fully responsive. That means it will detect what device someone is viewing from and display the best version of your site for their device. 

8. I heard WordPress was a blogging engine. Is it really powerful enough for a professional business site?

Yes. It started off as a blogging platform but has grown into something much more powerful. Over 40% of sites worldwide are powered by WordPress, including some of the biggest brands around. If it is powerful enough for BBC, MTV, Sony, and the New York Times, it’s powerful enough for anyone. 

9. Can I use WordPress to build an eCommerce or shopping site?

Yes. We can build fully-featured eCommerce sites using WordPress for you. 

10. Can I have a FAQ section on my site?

Yes. You can improve your customer experience with helpful FAQ’s on-page and your own dedicated FAQ page. 

11. Will the website be mine?

Yes. The WordPress website we build for you is entirely yours when we complete it. If you want, we can help you host and manage it, but if you’d rather do that on your own, you can. Your site belongs to you!

12. Where will my website be hosted?

That’s entirely up to you. You can book your own hosting services or choose to use our Dedicated WordPress Hosting services to get increased performance, speed and backups.

13. Can I start simply and then add pages and sites in the future?

Yes. In general, we recommend that you try to build as complete a website as possible from the beginning so that it is more cohesive. But WordPress is a modular platform, and you can always add more pages and features as you go along. 

What our customers are saying about us


"I really enjoyed with you Kelvin. Your passion and creative thinking on solving our problems has been great. You turned my idea and transformed it into a simplified but powerful user experience."

Alon N

"You turned our word document into a web design that truly reflects our brand. You guys are so efficient and talented. Thank you."

Chris A

"Thank you Kelvin, great job on the website. Web design looks amazing. Combined with our other strategies, we got 114% increased visitors after launch."

Peter M

"So glad we listened to you, Kelvin and pursued it your way. Super happy with the result! I've learnt to leave it to you, the professionals!"
Susan testimonial portrait image

Susan B

"Kelvin from Karasu Designs is amazing at what he does and he made the whole website process very smooth and professional."

Steven T

"And on top of that, Kelvin is a pleasure to work with! Thank you Kelvin!"
Laura testimonial portrait image

Laura R

"I’ve had many people comment on the quality of the website. Particularly with respect to the very tricky task of balancing text heavy pages and technical content with a visually pleasing layout."
Laura testimonial portrait image

Laura R

"I really can’t fault Kelvin’s work. He is knowledgeable, super fast, artistic, technically savvy and passionate about his work."
Laura testimonial portrait image

Laura R

"Kelvin is a star! Kelvin from Karasu Designs built theimpossiblehouse.com website for me and definitely exceeded my expectations."
Laura testimonial portrait image

Laura R

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