Australian business owners are busy people. Your time is money. You’ve tried some marketing strategies, social media, or even paid ads but still not getting results. Digital marketing in Sydney and Australia can be hard. We get it. In this blog article, we’ll guide you into the juicy bits without the jargon. You’re going to discover the top 9 organic ways to turn your website into a marketing machine. So you can attract and nurture leads on autopilot, automate processes to free up time and accelerate growth, authority and impact.

Table of Contents

  1. Why is your website crucial for your business in 2021?
  2. How does your website affect you and your business if not done properly?
  3. Top 9 ways to turn your website into a marketing machine
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Hi, I’m Kelvin. Owner and founder of Karasu Designs, a web consultant agency based in Sydney, Australia. We’ve been helping local businesses big and small since 2010. We’re going to cover a lot in this article so if at any point you feel confused or want some help figuring this out, just book a Clarity Call. One of our team or myself will have a chat and guide you in the right direction.

Why is your website crucial for your business in 2021?

Building a website is a lot like building a house. It needs to be properly planned, well constructed and regularly maintained to serve its purpose. You need to take care of it and work with it in order to keep it up and running. So where do you start? Why should you care?

Websites are crucial for the success of a business. With the web being such a dominant force in the 21st century, it’s important to invest in your website and figure out how to make it the best it can be. In 2020, COVID-19 pandemic has proved this to be more true than ever, not only Australia but worldwide. Businesses had to go digital/online or risk shutting down. We’re dealing business with people so be empathetic. Customer centricity is key.

Web traffic is through the roof. And after the lockdown is lifted, demand for most services will increase. That means buyers are researching right now to buy when they can.

Is your website ready? Or will your competitors get the business? 

What does your website say about your business? Does it build trust and effectively promote your products or services? Or does it scare away potential customers? Think of it as customer service but online, 24/7. You can leverage your website to build brand awareness, loyalty, trust, so they come back and/or recommend you to their friends and family. If done wrongly, you’ll lose their trust. Your potential clients may give you bad reviews and recommend their friends and family NOT to go with you.

How does your website affect you and your business if not done properly?

If you don’t organise your architect, engineers, interior designers, builders to all work together properly, your house isn’t going to get built. Even if it does, it probably won’t last long or turn out the way you expected. Same with a website. Our lovely client Denby was conned for 3 years by a dodgy web designer and developer who clearly neglected their duties. Denby is an amazing Sydney based interior designer that wanted a website that represented her and spoke to her ideal clients. The con web designer and developer continuously lied to Denby for over 3 years only to receive a glitchy, half broken site that had software not updated since 2018! Her website was plagued with issues inside out. She was stressed and frustrated. Losing time and money. Luckily, she reached out to us. We exposed the cons, cleaned, fixed and transformed it into a high-end interior design website Denby wanted and deserved.

Top 9 ways to turn your website into a marketing machine

Each one is important and effective on its own as it solves a specific problem. But the more you do, the more effective your website becomes a successful marketing machine. The faster you accelerate your growth, authority and impact. Take a look at which ones you need for your business. Which ones did you find helpful?


  1. Get clarity and direction on your business and customer’s objectives
    • Diagnose what is working well and what needs fixing on your website and SEO (search engine optimisation).
    • Get actionable insights on what to work on first.
    • Identify who your target audience target market and ideal client is,
    • Identify your business objectives, website goals, customer insights.
    • Assemble a strategy and build a roadmap how to execute it.


  2. Plan by stepping into your audience’s shoes
    • If you were the customer, how would you wanted to buy the service or product?
    • What would they like to know, feel, see, about your product or service?
    • When along their journey of your website would they want to experience the above?
    • A great customer centric user experience increases conversions up by to 400%.


  3. Build a great long-lasting impression
    • Be unforgettable and memorable with unique visual appeal.
    • Study shows 94% people trust a business based on visual appeal of their website.
    • Dictate how your audience feel and behaviour with your brand/business.
    • Great web design contributes to 75% of your business credibility.


  4. Build a strong foundation for your marketing machine with WordPress
    • Over 30% of the world’s websites including Sony, Disney, BBC and even White House use WordPress.
    • Why aren’t you? Convert to a established platform, not those trying to catch up.
    • Scale easily with less restrictions. Great flexibility and for SEO.


  5. Perform ongoing technical website optimisations, maintenance & support
    • Keep your website running at optimal performance at all times.
    • Keep your website, backed up, software up to date, secure from hackers/malware, up and running 24/7.
    • Sleep easy at night and stress less. No more nightmares of your website going down.


  6. Create quality content that your users love to opt in for
    • Figure out types of content that your users love to engage with.
    • Generate leads on autopilot
    • Build an email list of prospects that you can nurture into customers.
    • Free up your time and become stress free.


  7. Automatically email helpful and amazing content
    • Nurture leads on autopilot.
    • Solve user’s problems to spark awareness and consideration.
    • Free up your time and become stress free.
    • Build rapport, trust, authority and consideration.


  8. Keep your website speed up
    • Speed up your website every month to stay fast all the time.
    • Everyone hates a slow site. Especially Google and other search engines.
    • If your website is slow to load, they’ll go elsewhere: your competitors.


  9. Boost your authority and get found easier
    • Perform ongoing SEO optimisations to climb search rankings.
    • Create quality content that educates your clients to build trust and authority.
    • Become the authority by spreading your knowledge in more places and formats.


Was that helpful? Which ones do you need for your business? I know that was a lot to take in. If you ever need more info or want to talk to a human about it, simply book a Clarity Call and chat with one of the team to see if we can help you.

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