If you are planning on starting a website, the first step is choosing the right platform to go with. One of the most popular and widely used platforms is WordPress. In this blog article, we reveal the top 2 reasons why you need a custom WordPress website, not website builder templates.

Why choosing the right platform is crucial:
custom WordPress website vs website builder templates

With the surge of web traffic due to COVID-19, your website is more important than ever before for your business. It is the frontier of your business in the growing digital age. Your website can be a marketing machine that works for you, not costing you.

Custom WordPress website

A custom WordPress website is unique to your brand. It is built specifically for your business after meticulous planning of a wide range of factors that make an effective marketing machine. This includes figuring out what your business goals are, who your ideal audience is and how to tie in with your website’s purpose. Careful user experience and web design goes a long way to attract and retain ideal customers. A custom WordPress website allows you to showcase your personality and storytelling that perfectly fits in with your business, ideal audience, services and products.

Website builder templates

On the other hand, website builder templates are catered for the masses. and has been used on hundreds of other websites. When you use a website builder platform like Squarespace or Wix, you are locking and limiting your business to their terms, functionalities and features. They don’t cater for your business and ideal audiences’ needs and goals. You lose the opportunity of standing out from the crowd with a tailored user experience, design for your service or products. This costs your business greatly.

What are custom WordPress websites?

Custom WordPress websites are tailor made for your business, ideal clients, products, services in mind. WordPress is a content management system platform used by more than 39% of all websites are using WordPress as their website builder of choice. Big names like Sony, Mercedes-Benz, Disney, BBC and even White House use WordPress.

What are website builder templates?

Website builder templates are great for getting your website up quickly, but they’re not necessarily effective. Yes, their plans costs a lot less which attracts many small business owners but it is a trap. They are more restrictive, not ready to scale and can have fewer functionalities and features. One of the most important is that the website builder templates won’t be SEO-friendly as WordPress. If you can’t be found online on Google, your business has no online presence. That alone costs your business much more that you saved.

4 top reasons why custom WordPress websites outperform website builder templates

A lot of small business owners believe that a website can be created with a cheap website builder template and they don’t need to hire a professional to create it. But it turns out that creating a website with a template is much harder than you might think. Their design template rarely works after replacing their template text, images and colours with your brand identity. You need to apply the skills of design theory, colour theory, messaging, copywriting, imagery and videos and how to tie it all together with web design. That’s why it is much easier to hire a professional to do this for you. You wouldn’t build your own house or tell your mechanic you’ll fix your own car unless you’re trained, right?


  1. Custom WordPress website puts your business and ideal clients first
    • Think of it as building a house with a team of expert
    • Everything is tailored for you, done for you.
    • Step by Step processes for plans, strategy, features, design, management
    • Achieve goals of your business and your ideal clients via bespoke user experience.
    • Just sit back and let the professionals (like Karasu Designs) take care of everything.


  2. Ready to scale and grow with your business
    • Full control, additional features taken care of via themes, plugins, tools.
    • Millions of functionalities available, easy to find support for WordPress platform.
    • WordPress is used by over 39% of all websites in the world.
    • With millions of web developers and web designers using WordPress, you’ll have much better luck finding support from a huge community than standalone website builder templates.


  3. Get found faster and easier via search engines
    • Top-notch Search Engine Optimisation capabilities.
    • Loved by Google, Bing, Yahoo.


  4. Result: a tailored website marketing machine that collects leads, not dust.
    • Increase trust, authority and impact of your business


4 top reasons how website builder templates may not good for your business in the long term


  1. Website builder templates are generic
    • Think of it as building a house by yourself without training.
    • You can’t use the images and supplied text, you don’t own them.
    • Other company could be using the same template as yours.


  2. Easy to use, hard to get results
    • Changing images, logos, colours, text is easy but results in shambles.
    • It doesn’t look as good as the template anymore after changing above.
    • Why? You’re not a web designer. It is a skill that ties it together.
    • Looks like a lot of other websites already live. No surprise.


  3. Trading ease of use but that can mean restrictions.
    • If you’re lucky, their editor may let you use custom CSS for custom design.
    • Advanced features may not be available to be added on
    • Always catching up to WordPress in SEO capabilities.
    • No choice in hosting services or increase security.


  4. Result: a generic website after modifying the template
    1. You lose trust & authority in your business image
    2. Waste time, effort and money. Added stress.
    3. Have a harder time getting found by Google.


Final Takeaways: What are the costs for your business?

The costs of website builder templates are lower at first glance. You get what you paid for. Sure, the upfront cost are much cheaper with their plans but the end product is in proportion on its effectiveness. Custom WordPress website plans costs more. You are paying for the concierge service, tools, functionality and capability to bring in more business.

What costs your business more?

Would you rather save some money now but end up with an ineffective website that collects dust? Or would you rather invest in your company with a custom WordPress website that is done for you and tailored to collecting leads for the next few years? Which one will cost your business more in the long run?It’s like choosing to build your house yourself or get a professional team of architects, designers, developers and engineers to build it for you. Which one would you choose?

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