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We build kick-ass WordPress websites so that you

Attract & nurture leads.
Automate for efficiency.
Accelerate your business.
Wordpress Web Development in Sydney. Karasu Designs does custom WordPress builds that are powerful, safe, fast, easy to use and stress free.

We are a 'done for you' WordPress
Web Development company in Sydney.

Fixing and crafting kick-ass WordPress Web Development since 2013. We care about your users, business and wellbeing.

Poor WordPress Web development

Can break your brand & website

Do these sound familiar? We’re the WordPress web development company that can help.

Hard to Customise

Is your website website builder restrictive and hard to customise? Spent a lot longer you wanted or left feeling frustrated?

Not WordPress?

WordPress is powering over 30% of the world’s websites. Sony, Walt Disney, MTV, BBC, Mercedes Benz, even the White House is using WordPress. Why aren’t you using it?

Too Generic

Not standing out from the crowd? Cheap website builders can be restricting, lacks customisation and looks like a template your competitor used. It probably is.

Not SEO Friendly

Your current platform making it hard to customise Search Engine Optimisations? Finding it hard to rank higher in online search?

No Full Control

Using alternative page builders usually means you’re stuck within their ecosystem. Functionality, webhosting is set by them which means you’re stuck or can’t customise or scale to your liking.

Hard to Scale

Looking to scale but don’t know where to begin? Overwhelmed by all the different steps, tech and jargon? Or simply restricted within your page builder platform and can’t do what you want? We can help with WordPress.

37% of all websites on the internet in 2021 use WordPress, with good reasons.

It is flexible & powerful to easily scale up or down. You full control on how its run, where to run it.
It doesn’t limit customisations unlike its competitors.

We're Ready to Help

Why choose us?

COVID-19 has brought families and communities down on its knees. We’re the WordPress
web development company that help small businesses recover and grow quicker and efficiently.

Since 2013

Helping local small businesses since
2013 so our community succeeds.

Community Focused

We help businesses recover & grow quicker so our community does too.

Our Knowledge

We’ll fix your website for your users, business goals and industry standards.

Ready to Transform?

Our WordPress Web Development process

1. Planning

Determine your requirements

Using results from our Discover Workshop, Web Audit, UX, photography & photo editing, or web design, we’ll collect all the moving parts to make it all work seamlessly together. We’ll think about future scaling as well.

2. Build

Back to our nest

Start building the website according to our devised plan with industry best practices. It would be like Lego putting all the moving parts together making sure they all work smoothly as a whole. WordPress web development allows that flexibility and customisation.

3. Debug & Launch

Launch with a bang

After building, we’ll test for bugs in mobile, tablet and desktop formats. We’ll make sure everything is intact. You can hype your launch to maximise its exposure.

After WordPress Web Development is done,
next is Website Care Plans.

Now that our website is launched, we'll need to how to care and maintain the website.

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The Results

How you benefit

Great WordPress Web Development make it easy to edit and scale in the future.

Easy to Edit

WordPress is a very powerful system trusted by 30% of all websites. It can be customised and owners can make changes and edits easily. Or we can do that for you too under our Website Care Plans.

Easy to Scale

With its vast range of plugins available, WordPress can be customised and scale whenever you need. You also have full control of everything.

Get Found Easier

With powerful SEO friendly tools, our WordPress web development gets you found easier in online search. This drives more organic traffic to your website, thus, more potential leads.


What our clients say

``We had many new clients who commented that they chose us because of how nice our web design is.``

Steven T Brookvale Dental

``I'm so grateful to have you Kelvin fixing everything after being conned by a dodgy ``web designer & developer``!``

Denby testimonial portrait image
Denby D Denby Dowling Interiors

``It's been really exciting seeing my website come together stage by stage! Your updates always make my day. Thank you!``

Laura testimonial portrait image
Laura R The ImPossible House

``Kelvin from Karasu Designs is amazing at what he does and he made the whole website process very smooth and professional.``

Steven T Brookvale Dental

``So glad you didn't listen to me Kelvin and pursued it your way. Super happy with the result! I've learn't to leave it to you, the professionals!``

Susan testimonial portrait image
Susan B The ImPossible House

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