Photography &
Photo Editing
In Sydney

A picture speaks a thousand words.
We capture, create or buy kick-ass imagery that

Attract & nurture leads.
Automate for efficiency.
Accelerate your business.
Photography, photo editing & retouching company in Sydney, Karasu Designs optimise and fix your photos for effective storytelling on your website.

We are a 'done for you' Photography, Photo Editing
& Retouching company in Sydney.

Fixing and crafting kick-ass photography, photo editing & retouching since 2010. We care about your users, business and wellbeing.

Poor Photography & Photo Editing

Can break your brand & website

Do these sound familiar? We’re the photography, photo editing & retouching company that can help.

Too Generic

Your stock photos may now be outdated, too generic and don’t reflect your business? It’s doing you more harm then good.

No Voice

Do your photos speak true to your business and brand? Photos don’t look like they belong or make you relate?

Photo Editing

Poor technique when capturing the photo or bad stock imagery can be salvaged. Retouching or photo editing will save you.

First Impressions are Paramount. So is your imagery.

Take control of your business’ authority and perception. If you show crap, that would reflect on your business too.
Show the best version of your business.

Ready to Transform?

Our photography, retouching
& photo editing process

1. Stock Imagery

Let the hunt begin

We’ll analyse your current stock imagery and determine if they need to be replaced or edited. We’ll hunt for new stock imagery that aren’t generic that can speaks true to your business.

2. Photography

Storytelling at its finest

When available, we’ll come and shoot your team, product, business or whatever is needed. We’ll capture and retouch the photos that aren’t easily replicated. It’ll show your business in a particular way, to make your users feel a particular way. It’ll compliment the storytelling done via UX and Web Design.

3. Photo Editing & Retouching

Photo Wizards

Poor photography and stock imagery can be salvaged via photo editing (retouching). We enhance, fix, replace, move, products or environments via compositing images. We can also do creative retouching, where we make the impossible, possible. For example, we made a giant crab climb and smash the Harbour Bridge for Riot Games: League of Legends.

We're Ready to Help

Why choose us?

COVID-19 has brought families and communities down on its knees. We use photography, photo editing & retouching to help small businesses recover and grow quicker.

Since 2010

Helping local small businesses since 2010 so our community succeeds.

Community Focused

We help businesses recover & grow quicker so our community does too.

Our Knowledge

We’ll fix your photography for your users, business goals and industry standards.

After Photography & Photo Editing (Retouching),
Web Design is next.

Now that we are happy with the imagery, we'll hop into the visualising your website with Web Design.

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The Results

How you benefit

Great imagery build pleasant connections & more engagement to your brand.

Stock Imagery

We know what, how and where to hunt stock imagery that is uniquely reflective of your story and business.


A picture speaks 1000 words. Showcase your business, team, product or services in a efficient & effective way.

Photo Editing

Poor imagery can be salvaged. We make the impossible, possible with creative retouching.

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