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You have goals

If you don’t know what your goals are, how do we know how we are tracking, if we’ve arrived and when we get there? We’ll have no idea.

If you don’t have clear goals, or you’re not prepared to work with me to define them, come back when you have them. Help us, help you.

No goals? Book a Clarity Call and ask for a Roadmap Builder.

You have passion

Do you love what you do? Running a business is hard. It takes a lot of time, effort, energy and resilience. Passion is what drives you when things hit the fan and you feel like the whole world is against you. Passion makes you persevere (and with me helping you through it).

If you’re not passionate about what you do, maybe it’s time to think about doing what you love. Come back when you’ve found it and when you’re ready.

You're ready to invest

If you want to make something amazing, you’ll need to be prepared to invest some money in yourself and your business. If you want “just a website” that breaks all the time, ask cousin Larry down the road.

We have fixed a few dodgy websites, it’s not fun. You won’t need to sell your house but you’ll need to be ready to invest. Don’t worry, you’ll make it back.

You're ready now

You’re passionate and ready to start transforming, right now. Not “may be later, sometime down the track”. You have the time, budget to work with me to achieve your goals. You are ready, NOW.

If you tick all these criteria, we have a good chance of being a right fit for each other.